Steel is a strong hard metal made of a mixture of iron and carbon and characterized by resistance, plasticity and ductility.

Steel can adapt to different contexts and situations, and the company managers share competences and can foresee customer and market needs. These are the strategies that guide Larinox.

Larinox S.r.l. was born under the guidance of Antonio Ghion and Lucio Pengo who were able to combine technical and managing competences, making a small business a successful firm in steel processing.

The iron and carbon alloy is no doubt the most important material for our products and processes: laser cutting, punching, automatic sawing, welding, bending, calendaring and moulding with CNC machines.

Thanks to our expertise, we have been able to leap from the local to the Italian and the international market. Professional gastronomy products, plastic production and recycling plant components as well as interior design components and furnishing components for large international stores are among our sources of pride.

The essence of “Made in Italy” is expertise and competence together with creativity and breadth of vision, and all these values can be found in our products which are sold in Italy and exported abroad.

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