Larinox guarantee for quality and dynamism have been crucial for its growth and its entry into several markets worldwide. Some of the most important achievements are definitely the production of items related to professional gastronomy, large plants for plastics production and recycling, major international brand store furnishing, and everyday life details where the quality of “Made in Italy” is essential.


The field of professional and home gastronomy is among the most important of our production. Thanks to its twenty years’ experience in this field, Larinox has become a touchstone for innovation, and among its customers stand out some of the most quoted international brands.

Gastronomy 85%



In recent decades plastic has experienced exponential growth in use, thus numerous transformation plants have been created. We daily manage the production of components and prototypes that are necessary for plastic production, as well as their forwarding all over the world.

Plastic industry 70%



Our expertise in processing, together with the ideas of famous architects have created countless furnishing creations all over the world. Thanks to partnerships with important international companies, Larinox produces accessories and supplies furnishings for big shops, supermarkets, restaurants and houses.

Interior design – Lighting 85%



The nautical sector needs the exclusive use of AISI 316 stainless steel. We pay particular attention to all the details we produce and which are installed on some of the most luxurious yachts: handrails, roll bars, ladders, rod holders, mooring bollards to mention some of them. 

Naval construction 75%



Every day we produce countless components, which can have various destinations. To make them we use steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass. 

Components and semifinished products 65%

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